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महेश बाबू की ‘स्पाईडर’ देगी ‘बाहुबली 2’ को टक्कर

साउथ सुपरस्टार महेश बाबू की फिल्म ‘स्पाईडर‘ जल्द ही रिलीज़ होनेवाली है. खबरों की माने तो ‘स्पाईडर’ बहुत बड़ी फिल्म है और इसे बड़े पैमाने पर रिलीज़ किया जाएगा. पढ़े… Read more »


Prabhas New Look Is Not Similar To Baahubali Or Saaho?

Prabhas new look photo is getting viral on the internet. People are comparing the picture with Prabhas role in magnum opus film Baahubali and there are also who are saying… Read more »


Prabhas Turns Emotional After Bahubali Completes Two Years

Bahubali, which was released on July 10, 2015, has completed two years in Cinematic history. It is one of those films that has changed the whole scenario about movies in… Read more »