Sumona Chakravarti Says, Kapil Sharma In Pressure Because Of Falling TRP

The Kapil Sharma Show is currently going through rough phases, since the fight between Kapil and Sunil Grover in March 2017. This show has seen many ups and downs in last 4 months and that’s why Kapil Sharma is taking a lot of pressure. This is being revealed by Kapil’s co-star Sumona Chakravarti hospitalised who is an integral part of the show.


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In the last few months. the TRP of the show has fallen drastically and that’s what has affected to Kapil’s poor health. As we have heard many times, that hospitalized for some or other reason.

Talking about Kapil Sharma, Sumona said, “Yes his (Kapil’s) health has not been very good and the name of the show is Kapil Sharma. Unfortunately, he is under a lot of pressure and that’s fair enough.” She added, “We all have our ups and downs in terms of health.It happens, sometimes you can’t even afford to fall sick but the body does take a toll so it’s okay, and not like he kept anyone waiting and everybody understands when someone is sick, it’s genuine.”

In the recent past, it’s being rumored that Bharti Singh and Kiku Sharda having a problem with each other. When asked about this to Sumona, she clarified, “These things are as baseless as my marriage rumours. We all sit together, we eat together, we all rehearse together. Why will there be any issue? I don’t know from where do you all get to hear such things from.”

Altogether, we just wish that Kapil Sharma stays healthy and never worry about the show too much.

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