Singer Hassrat climbing the success with his love song ‘Humdum Humnava’

Hassrat (the singer from The Voice) has released a new track called Humdum Humnava which he hopes will resonate with his fans. Hassrat has also worked with Zee Music, T Series and several leading labels in the industry.

Hassrat’s ‘Humdum Humnava’ is a love song and the lyrics are written to briefly describe what love is all about.


Singer Hassrat speaks about his new song, “It’s a love story between a rich, beautiful girl and a labourer who works at her farmhouse. The lyrics, written by Mani Manjot are meaningful, poetic and define love as a journey more than a destination. In other words, you never know what is around the corner, but you still enjoy this ride of love. This journey is about always being in agreement with your soulmate regardless of life’s ups and downs and celebrating every season, whether it’s good or bad. It’s about accepting your soulmate’s thought processes and dreams and seeing your life through them. It’s also about making efforts as you grow to keep the relationship with your soulmate alive and fresh till your last breath.”

Hassrat has been trained by some of the best people from the Indian music industry, Padambushan PT Arvind Parikh,and Purvi Parikh. Music legend AR Rahman also guided him during ‘The Voice’ show.

“The costumes used in the video may indicate that this story is about 100 years in the past, but in essence it has timeless theme,” says the singer.

While talking about song’s composition Hassrat said, “Wanted to compose a very classic and soothing melody that has a Bollywood touch to it, and I am glad we managed to do it well. I am very happy with the outcome. The audio of this song was recorded at THE AUDIO GUYS (TAG) Institute, Mumbai, known for catering to the biggest names in the industry. Also, we made sure that all the instruments used in the song were recorded live by experts from the field, like guitars by Sanjoy Das (Bapi Da), flute by Ajay Prasanna, and others,”

Therese Hansen is a popular Norwegian model and Niro Ahuja is an Indian actor based in Sydney stars in the music video.

The video has been conceptualised and directed by Harjinder Johal. It was shot in Mudgee, a small town nestled in the picturesque Cudgegong River Valley, Australia.

The filming was done by Amarjeet Dhillon and Bishal Lingden from Elegance Film Studio.

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