Shyam Rangeela’s Narendra Modi Mimicry Video Went Viral, But Only Few Seconds Clip Shown On TV

Shyam Rangeela is a budding talent in India, who is good with mimicking various politicians. His videos even got lakhs of reach on YouTube and other social media platforms. But, he recently got the instant film by appearing in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Season 5.


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Well, he performed brilliantly in front of Judge Akshay Kumar and the mentors Zakir Khan, Hussain Dalal, and Malika Dua. He did mimicry of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi in front of everyone and they loved it. After her performance, Akshay Kumar even ranged the Golden bell, so that he makes into Top 12 easily.

Well, the problem here is, his performance wasn’t shown on the desired episode and it was shown after a delay of one week. What’s more shocking is, he has performed over 5-6 minutes but only a few seconds clip were shown on TV. Shyam was upset by this behavior of the show organizer, who has cut short his video on the telecast.

In the latest interview, Shyam says that the makers have told him that he can’t do the mimicry of Narendra Modi and later they told that you must avoid mimicking Rahul Gandhi as well. He is now eliminated from the show by saying that he isn’t performed well.

Well, his audition video for the show went viral on the Internet and he is getting a lot of fame. And the makers even called him inquiring about the video, where he said that he just shared it from somewhere.

Altogether, the question here is Shyam Rangeela was only mimicking the politicians in a good way, so why his video cut shorted for the TV telecast? It’s a democratic country and the makers must adhere the rules to find the system.

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