The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Season 5 Episode 1 Review

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Season 5 starts on a promising note, where the makers have showcased how this show has changed the life of many people over the years. Soon, we have seen three mentors being introduced, Mallika Dua, Hussain Dalal and Zakir Khan.


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The first comedian that entered in the show is Abhay Kumar Sharma. Being a blind from the birth, Abhay has entertained the fans and even won Akshay’s heart. Akshay was so amazed by his performance that he rings the golden bell. Well, if you think what is golden bell? it is a bell, which will help the contestant to make a direct entry in Top 12. Yes, that means Abhay Kumar has entered in the top 12.

The second contestant Parvinder Singh has does his best to entertain the audience and Akshay Kumar. Soon after that, there were some weird comedy elements have been introduced in the show, which wasn’t a good move by the makers.

In this show, Akshay Kumar didn’t forget to showcase his fitness style to the audience. The second show will be quiet hilarious, as we will be witnessing former The Great Indian Laughter Challenge contestant Raju Srivastava in the show.

Altogether, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge season 5 has started in a grand way.

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