Will Thugs Of Hindostan Earn 1000 Crores In CHINA?

Aamir Khan’s next Thugs Of Hindostan is all set to hit the theaters on November 7, 2018 in India. Most probably, it will hit the Chinese theaters soon after its Indian release. As, Aamir Khan is the biggest ever imported star in China. Well, he has won audience heart from last 7-8 years in China with movies like PK, Dangal, Secret Superstar etc. Well, the big question is, Will Thugs Of Hindostan earn 1000 crores in China alone?


It may be too early to talk about Thugs Of Hindostan business in China, but this question is certainly in the minds of Bollywood trade experts and Aamir Khan fans. Interstingly, Dangal grossed 1254 crores gross and Secret Superstar earned over 750 crores in China. This is what raised the quriosity level of Aamir’s Thugs Of Hindostan in China.

Aamir Khan Promotes Secret Superstar in Hong kong

Lately, Aamir Khan revealed that he is playing a cunning man character in Thugs Of Hindostan, who is gready person. His character is such, who can even sell own family for the sake of money. He cleared that this is a big action-adventure film with no message like his previous films.

This clearly means that Aamir’s upcoming film will be completely different one, what Chinese audience had witnessed in the past. Well, action films are very common genre for Chinese audience and they usually see such kind of films. So, there is a big uncertainity about Aamir’s Thugs Of Hindostan lifetime collection in China. The last action film from India, Baahubali only managed to earn 7 crores in mainland China.


Well, the good thing is, Aamir is a star in China and that will definitely be a fruitful thing for his next release. Though, there is no official release date of Thugs Of Hindostan announced in China. But, certainly it will going to happen, as Aamir is in great demand in China after his earlier films.

Altogether, Aamir Khan’s Thugs Of Hindostan has a good opportunity to cross 1000 crores in China or even Dangal’s record in China. But to do so, this film has to make an emotional connect with Chinese audience, like his earlier films did. Let’s be optimistic about Thugs Of Hindostan’s fate in China. If this film made connection with the Chinese audience than sky is the limit in terms of collection.

What do you think about Thugs Of Hindostan lifetime collection in China? Do let us know in the comments.

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