Raaju Bonagaani’s Directed ‘Engagement’ is Ready to Steal Hearts and Redefine Storytelling

Engagement is a cinematic classic that promises to reinvent storytelling and capture hearts. Engagement, directed by Raaju Bonagaani and starring the enigmatic Aishwarya Gowdaa and Praveer Shetty, is going to take audiences on an amazing and beautiful journey. Furthermore, the film will take on cultural diversity by being released in many languages, allowing it to reach a wide range of viewers.


The film has completed its shooting, and now it’s all set to hit cinemas, which is already making the audience excited. But the filming and completion were not small things. It took months of sleepless nights and tireless work to deliver a wonderful experience to your home. The director of photography, Venkat Mannan, is one of them who worked hard to get the mesmerising shots. In addition, the film has completed its shooting across the country in the midst of Coorg and Chikmangalur, on the tranquil beaches of Goa, in the bustling streets of Mumbai, and Chennai, Hyderabad. The essence of India has been taken from its every part and will be delivered to you.

Raaju Bonagaani combined storytelling and creativity and created “Engagement,” a masterpiece. The talent ranges from co-director Nagraju Deshavat, who provided the outstanding fight sequence, editor Ravi Kondaveeti, who made sure the overall enjoyment was flawless and captivating, art director Venkatesh Aare, Raj Paide who provided the graceful moves, Dragon Prakash who gave an action-packed fight sequence, Lucky who gave beautiful designs, PRO Rahul, and music composers Dilip Bandari and Rajat Ghosh, who offered the intriguing music.

His talented army does not limit itself here, but the amazing cast of ‘Engagement’, which includes Aishwarya Gowdaa and Praveer Shetty in lead, and further, Rajagopal Iyer, Balraj Wadi, Bhavana, Rajanisri Kala, Sharad Verma, Deepti Gupta, Sujay Ram DJ, and many more, are the whole cast of who dedicatedly worked on the project as their own.

A movie for viewers of all ages! Produced by Jayaram Devasmudra, ‘Engagement’ is an emotion. And the emotions are finely shown by its star cast, Aishwarya Gowdaa and Praveer Shetty. Both of the performers can captivate the viewers and have the strength to elicit intense emotions from them, bringing them into their roles. With a skilled and impressive cast and crew, the film is all set to leave an imprint on your heart.

Under the banner of Suram Movies, in collaboration with Rhodium Entertainments, the team ‘Engagement’ has demonstrated unwavering dedication to the project. This commitment was so impressive that it prompted Jayaram Devasmudra to step in as the producer, with co-producers Laxmikanth N. R. and Narayan Swamy S. The shooting phase has now successfully concluded, and Jayaram Devasmudra commended Raaju Bonagaani for ensuring both timely completion and the preservation of the plot’s quality.

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