Pinch Season 2 Review, Episode 1 Salman Khan, Hit Or Flop On Social Media?

Salman Khan is one of the biggest superstars in Bollywood and he has been interviewed by his younger brother Arbaaz Khan on Pinch Season 2 on its very first episode. The runtime of this funny yet pinching episode is around 22 minutes 50 seconds. It has been released officially on Youtube at around 12 pm on Qu Play Youtube Channel.

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Arbaaz Khan’s first season of Pinch was released in 2019 and it was a big hit. Still, Arbaaz didn’t invited his big brother Salman in the first season due to his personal reasons. This time, he felt that it is a right time to start Pinch season 2 Episode 1 with Salman Khan himself.

Here are the experts of Pinch by Arbaaz Khan Season 2 in conversation with Salman Khan:

A social media user asked Salman Khan don’t be a God? to which Salman Khan replied there is only one God and he is not that one. Another user asked You have stolen hard earned money of people by showing them your flop movies? to which Salman Khan said that it is not like that, people will come and watch movies whether it will star him or someone else in theaters. The only thing he stole is audience heart.

A user says that Salman Khan Ka Ghar Aiyashi Ka Adda Hai? to which Salman said that this is wrong in the lockdown also you can only see that I am either doing exercise, or farming. If my father find it that we are doing some mischief that he would probably shoot us. A user tweeted, Launda ab bhi Jawaan Hai! Salman starts smiling.

Twitter user says that don’t make us fool Salman, you are already married and have a wife name Noor and 17 years-old daughter in Dubai? to which Salman said he must be talking to someone else not me. Another tweet reads, Boycott Salman? to which Bhaijaan says don’t watch my movies.

Salman Khan you do Dikhave wali acting? Salman says to do that kind of acting takes guts and hard to do. If you can do that, than you are welcome.

Arbaaz asked Salman about his take on social media? Salman clearly says that social media is a powerful medium and many have made a living out of it. Still, many people are there on social media who only wants to target others. People should understand that social media is not your life and it is just a part of life.

Salman Khan reveals that he has a social media team who looks into his tweets and messages before it goes to internet, so that he stay away from any controversies. Salman and Arbaaz Khan also revealed that they most probably will make Dabangg 4 soon.

Salman Khan also praises Katrina Kaif says her tweets are very sensible and if ever i want to give my social media account to be handled by any actress, than it would be Katrina. Despite, Salman has 117 million followers on social media, he still follows 20 to 25 odd people.

Altogether, Salman Khan’s special episode has some hard hitting questions but Bhaijaan has answered it all in a positive way.

Bollywood Crazies Ratings: Pinch Season 2 Episode 1 Review- Brilliant (80 Percent out of 100).

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