Nay Varan Bhat Loncha Kon Nay Koncha Review, Box Office Result, Hit Or Flop In Theaters?

Nay Varan Bhat Loncha Kon Nay Koncha is the latest Marathi film which has officially released in cinema theaters on January 14, 2022. The screentime of this crime drama is around 1 hour 53 minutes.

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Story: The story of this film revolves around Prem Dharmadhikari aka Digambar aka Digya and his friend Varad Nagwekar aka Ilias. Digya father has been killed and mother is a bar dancer who already left the kid. Now, Digya lives with his grand mother Baye aka Chhaya Kadam, his uncle Rohit Haldikar aka Shirya and Kashmera Shah aka Supriya. Now the story here is like, the room in the Mumbai based chawl belongs to Baye but Digya’s uncle Shirya want to take the same home by forging documents. One fine day, Baye got to know about the plan of Shirya and his friend Local corporator Umesh Jagtap aka Gawade. What happens next forms the rest of the story. The makers have told this story through the eyes of Digya and his friend Ilias.

This film also stars Shashank Shende, Atul Kale, Ashwini Kulkarni, Ganesh Yadav and Savita Malpekar.

The early reviews of Nay Varan Bhat Loncha Kon Nay Koncha movie is out now and they are in a range of 2 to 2.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Bollywood Crazies Opinion: Nay Varan Bhat Loncha Kon Nay Koncha is not everyone’s piece of cake. Still, it’s one of those movies that is true to the current times. Making such a movie in Marathi Cinema is not easy the director takes creative liberty and gives the audience something new this time. There are many scenes where we see 13 to 14-years-old speaking foul language and even get abusive. This film has been released with Adult (A) rating and it’s for those who like crime thriller type of movies. It is a typical Mahesh Manjrekar film but the protagonist is this time are not young men but two adolescent person. Taking about the performance, Baye and Digya stole the show. The production value of this film is good and the musical score adds more value to the story. Despite such a strong and bold story, the film has been loved by the audience. Despite this serious story, there is a dark humour in this film which makes the audience go crazy in theaters. A difficult film to digest but the audience is liking it in cinema theaters. Only drawback, there are various scenes that may have been avoided who were not necessary, specially scenes involving adolescent children. The writing is good and there are no songs in this film. The story is very much relatable to the Mumbai based people and their troubles in life.

Direction and screenplay have been done by Mahesh Manjrekar. This film have been produced by Narendra Hirawat and Shreyans Hirawat. Jayant Pawar has written the story of this film. The musical score has been given by Hitesh Modak.

Nay Varan Bhat Loncha Kon Nay Koncha movie budget hasn’t been revealed yet by the makers but it could reportedly be around 7 to 8 crores.

Altogether, Nay Varan Bhat Loncha Kon Nay Koncha is a difficult film to handle and digest for the audience. There are dark humour at many points in this film which is strong and gory.

Last Word: Watch it for Digya and Baye character. Also watch it for the story and direction.

Bollywood Crazies Ratings: Nay Varan Bhat Loncha Kon Nay Koncha Review- Distinction (70 Percent out of 100).

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