Kabir Singh Lifetime Box Office Prediction

Shahid Kapoor is all excited for his next big film Kabir Singh, which is an official Hindi remake of Telugu film Arjun Reddy released in 2017. One of the biggest questions in fans mind is what will be the lifetime collection of Kabir Singh at box office?

What If Performed Average?

In such a situation, Kabir Singh will never able to touch 100 crores at all if the word of mouth is not good. In the last few years, we have seen even good films are not being watched by fans in theaters. If we talk about this year’s release Gully Boy it has managed to earn around 140 crores plus collection, but it was expected that the film might even tough 200 crores like his earlier films. For Kabir Singh, the average collection could be in the range of 50 to 60 crores.

What if performed Good?

Kabir Singh is being directed by Sandeep Vanga Reddy, who has earlier helmed Arjun Reddy. That means, the level of the film will be similar to the original one. Apart from that, Shahid looks brilliant so far in trailer and songs. That means, there are great chance that audience will like this film. If the film loved by audience that there are major chances that it will rake around 80 to 90 crores lifetime, as there are other films competitions around.

What if film has performed exceptional?

I personally feel that Kabir Singh will go in the Simmba way. Here I mean, Simmba has raked over 240 crores plus collection despite it was a remake of Temper movie. In the same way, Kabir Singh can be a big hit as it is much like the original. Even, big stars films are not being liked by the audience now a days, due to lack of strength in story. And we all know, Kabir Singh will have a strong story and it will connect to the audience. In such a scenario, the film can be watched by the audience in a repeated way. If the film worked exceptional that the strong word of mouth will definitely make this film cross 100 crores. In that case 110 to 120 is possible.

After watching the film?

I watched Kabir Singh first day first show, I am very much assured that it is a blockbuster movie and from here on it will collect over 150 to 170 crores as per my lifetime Prediction. As there are no big new releases, it might have a upper change to chase for 200 crores. But we must also see that it’s worldcup time and it may affect the film abit.

Overall, Kabir Singh seems to be a great flick and it will earn good collections at the box office despite clashes or new releases. Word of mouth will play a crucial role. The screen count of Kabir Singh is 3123 screens in India, which will be crucial in terms of lifetime collection.

What are your thoughts about Kabir Singh Lifetime Collection Prediction? Will it be average, good or exceptional, do let us know!

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