Kaala Movie Detailed Review – A Sure Shot Blockbuster

Rajinikanth is back in action with Kaala and this film has all the elements to make it a blockbuster. Especially, the ending of this film is colorful and shocking. You might not have seen such a classic climax.

Directed by Pa. Rajnith, who earlier helmed Kabali, has done the justice to this movie. This movie is about Kaala who comes to Mumbai with his parents and become a big public figure in Dharavi, which is Asia’s biggest slum. He had a long time envy with politician Hari Dada aka Nana Patekar. This story revolves around Kaala and his fight with Hari Dada for various reasons.

Huma Qureshi, Anjali Patil have given finest performance in this movie. Pankaj Tripathi is wasted in this movie, who plays a police inspector.

Nana Patekar role as a shrewd politician have given ample time to the audience to envy him. He wants to rule and develop Dharavi and make big building in the particular land. Well, Rajinikanth as Kaala tries all his effort to stop this corrupt politician and never let him to have the Dharavi land.

The music is brilliant as it creates lot of tensions between the two characters Kaala and Hari Dada. Even songs were scintillating. On the other side, the editing is crisp and edgy. The screenplay work is also brilliant.

Altogether, Kaala is a complete blockbuster film and a must watch to all cinema lovers. It deserves 4 stars rating out of 5.

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