Ghost Movie Review, Hit Or Flop In Theaters

Ghost is the latest Kannada film which has officially released across the world on October 19, 2023. This film has been released in other languages too including Hindi version. Ghost movie is an action thriller with a total runtime of around 2 hours 14 minutes 48 seconds. It has got UA certificate by Indian Censor Board.

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Story: The story starts that a group of baddies leaded by Dr Shivaraj Kumar aka Ghost barged on a big jail and captured a prominent X-CBI chief Prashant Narayanan aka Vaman Srinivasan. Now, the jail prison is under the control of Ghost and his team, who also captured all the prisoners. So, the case has been handed over to senior police inspector Jayaram aka Charan Raj who now has to do all that it takes to kill the bad guy called Ghost. Will Charan able to succeed in capturing Ghost or things turn vice-a-versa is what you need to watch here. Even, there is a past story of Ghost which will shake Charan in a big way. Yes, Anupam Kher aka AN Rao will excite you at the right moment.

The early reviews of Ghost movie is out now and they are in a range of 2.5 to 3 stars out of 5 stars. I have seen the dubbed version and I did liked the film but I feel Ghost original Kannada version will be much better and relatable to local masses.

Bollywood Crazies Opinion: The screenplay started on a good note and has twist and turns throughout the film. The makers failed to build up all the characters in a right way and sometime its confusing as the film follows. Only few characters that leaves the mark are Shivanna, Prashant and Jayaram. I strongly feel that, Prashant is underutilized and he should have done his own dubbing like Anupam Sir did in Hindi version. The presentation by the director is so captivating as he builds the cinema larger than life scale. There are huge scale scenes that impresses you and there are also scenes that are weak. My personal favourite scene, is the one where a minister and his son sees the Big Daddy in an amusement park. The way the shot has been executed is still give me goosebumps. What a shot and dialogues by Shivanna in this scene. There are many scenes that are applause worthy. The director uses his 100 percent brain here to give something out of the box. I must say that I am impressed by his imagination but I feel he has to hon his skills to the pro-level, like director Pawan Kumar and Rishab Shetty. The emotions were missing that’s the big problem with this film. I was expecting something like Vikram (2022) level, but it was rather naive here. I am sure, Visionary Srinu will bounce back in next film. Shivanna is impressive here and the makers has presented him in the best possible way. I felt it is not a polished film and the finesse is missing. Still, a good one time watch film here. The production value is good and could have been much better. I do feel KGF feel in this movie at many occasions, but both films are completely different. As an audience, we all love cinema and want entertainment with emotions. If one of those get missing we fail to enjoy the film and that happens with this film too. The editing could have been much better but can’t blame him completely. The action scenes were terrific and that have saved the film for me. The cinematography was amazing in this movie. The background music by Arjun is impressive to the core but seems a bit loud though in some scenes.

This movie has been written and directed by MG Srinivas. The dialogues has been written by Prasanna V M Maasti. It also features Archana Jois and Satya Prakash. The musical score given by Arjun Janya and the editing work handled by Deepu S Kumar. The cinematograpy was great by Mahendra Simha.

Altogether, Ghost promises to give us good cinematic experience just like R Chandru’s Kabzaa but both films failed to live the expectations. We know, the sun will shine bring like we seen in 2022 for Kannada film industry.

Ghost movie budget reportedly around 60 crores.

Last Word: Watch it for only Shivanna and Srinu. There is a surprise in the end of the film!

Bollywood Crazies Ratings: Ghost Movie Review: 3 out of 5 stars.

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