CROWN to be India’s first ever female super hero 3D film

Superheros are popular in India but little does a woman get that part to play, actually bringing up a female super hero to light. But, with the changing narrative of Indian cinema, women oriented films are getting popular. Director Narein Praneas Rao, along with producers Abhay Kumar and Dr. Aravind K are all set to join the league of this reformation. They are coming up with this woman centric film, titled CROWN. Keeping it more iconic, this film will be a 3D film becoming India’s first ever. One of its kind!

Photo Courtesy: WhiteSandProductions-CrownMovie

The film is currently in its nascent stage and will commence shooting from January 2022. The team plans to release by the end of 2022. Former Miss India, Aditi Vats will be playing the protagonist. She was last seen in Bebaakee. With heavy VFX and latest technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and virtual production involved, the entire film will be shot in India. The director has a expertise in CGI and VFX production and is very keen to make this a completely Indian film.

Photo Courtesy: WhiteSandProductions-CrownMovie

Recently, the first look of the title CROWN was revealed at an event in Mumbai where director Narein Praneas Rao said, “I’m extremely excited for this project as it took me 10 years to plan this. It is close to my heart! We will be shooting most of our parts in Chennai. Aditi is very talented and I’m confident that she will pull it off well.”

The producers are glad to bring such a magnanimous project to fruition.

It would be interesting to see how the film would turn out. We wish them luck and success ahead.

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