Bigg Boss 11 Day 11 Episode 11 Review October 12, 2017

Bigg Boss 11 is currently in the second week and today I will about the review of Day 11. The day started with a beautiful song Bang Bang in the house. Soon, we have seen Arshi and Hina were talking about Vikas Gupta. Later, Arshi was seen talking with Vikas about Hina Khan. This clearly means that Arshi wants to play a stable game inside the house.


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Bigg Boss called Hina Khan in a confession room and told her to choose two contestants for captaincy task by asking everyone. Eventually, Hina and Puneesh were being chosen for the Captaincy task. Later, Bigg Boss revealed an interesting twist, where we have seen Sabyasachi was being asked to choose a new contender for Captaincy by discussing with other padosis. Sabyasachi removed Hina from Captaincy task and assigned Vikas as the new contender for the task. Now, the captaincy contenders are Puneesh and Vikas.

Bigg Boss has later introduced a task for both the contenders to win. Well, due to the help of other housemates, Vikas has won the task and become the first captain of Bigg Boss 11. Soon after he became captain, he called Hina to assign her a task, but she didn’t revert back. Even, few of other housemates didn’t listen to Vikas, as they said its already late night. This is how the day 11 got ended.

In the 12th day precap, we have seen Hina and Vikas again embroiled into a verbal fight. Shilpa and Arshi even had a fallout and even Sapna shouts on Arshi. So, a lot more drama is stored for Day 12 in Bigg Boss 11 house.

Altogether, It was a great day, where we have seen good politics from Sabyasachi and Arshi Khan in the house.

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