Bigg Boss 11 Day 10 Episode 10 Review October 11, 2017

Bigg Boss 11 first week was full of trouble and fighting, but the second week is more than that. In the second week, we are not only witnessing an intense fight between Vikas and Shilpa but also between Sapna and Arshi. At the latest, we will talk about Bigg Boss 11 Day 10 details.


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The day started with Govinda’s Suno Sasurji song, where all were dancing. Soon, we have seen Sabyasachi and Mahzabeen talking to each other. Then the camera shifts to Akash and Lucinda, where the former was flirting the beauty. Well, the Bigg Boss camera than focused on Arshi and Sapna, where they starting fighting each other. The reason was, Sapna pointed Arshi about marriage, whereas Arshi says you are just a (Nachanewali) dancer. Sapna didn’t like to be called with that name. Even, Mehzabeen starts fighting with Arshi, over Kitchen issue. As Arshi don’t let others interfere in Kitchen. When Arshi and Mahzabeen were fighting, Sapna was laughing on Arshi.

Soon, the Raja and Rani Ki Kahaani Task was again introduced in the house. Both Arshi and Shilpa were being assigned to impress Hiten, who is a king. Finally, the task duration has ended and Hiten was asked about the good queen. Hiten fails to answer correctly, as he chooses Arshi as good queen, but she was actually a bad queen, assigned by Bigg Boss. Now, Arshi has become the contender for Captaincy. On the other side, we see Puneesh and Bandagi in a romantic mood at the end of the day. Well, Puneesh says Bandagi that you better stay away from Akash and Luv.

Well, after the end of 10th day, we saw a precap of the next episode, where Hina lost her cool and fights with Vikas for captaincy contender. Let’s wait and see what turns next in the house.

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