Y Tu Mamá También Review: Alfonso Cuarón Travel Drama Will Bring Your Youth Days Back

Movie: Y Tu Mamá También (2001) / (English: And Your Mom Too)

Language: Spanish

Date: June 8, 2001

Starcast: Diego Luna, Gael García Bernal and Maribel Verdú.

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Genre: Adventure, Drama

Story And Dialogues: The story of the film revolves around two friends who are in their 17-18 of age. Their girlfriends leave on a vacation and they have nothing to chill around. In of the local marriage event, they find a married woman who were on the verge of leaving his married partner, as he has cheated on him. This two offered her a trip to a beautiful beach, which finally she agreed to come. The three leaves to go to the beach and that’s what the story follows.


Acting Performances: Maribel Verdú was one of the best and it will touch you to the core. In of the scenes, She can be seen breaking with her husband over a phone and it’s heart breaking. On the other hand, these two friends wants to make love to her and that’s what they bring her for. The young actors have put their best in their respective roles.

Production: There was not much of a production thing in the film. The movie was like a moving images that the cinematographer has beautifully captured. I personally loved the beach scenes and the Bull ride event.

Music, Cinematography And Editing: The background scores were good enough to pull the story to a next level. The film was full of energy and so thus its music. Though, in the end the film will make you cry when you hear the painful past about Maribel Verdú character in the film. The cinematography were brilliant especially during the car sequences from one road to other. The love making scenes were captured artistically by the cameraman Emmanuel Lubezki.


Direction:  The first time I heard about Alfonso Cuarón name when Birdman has won the Oscars for best picture directed by Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu. During those days, there were debate on social media that in future Alfonso Cuarón could be the next to win an Oscars. Interestingly, Alfonso Cuarón won for Roma (2018), which was the second film I saw of him after Gravity (2013). Now, I have seen his cult Y Tu Mamá También and I am amazed by it. The sense of cinema he has are gentle and pure. His 2001 film was way ahead of its time.

Last Word: Watch the film and you will not regret even for a second!

Ratings: 90% (Mindblowing)/100.

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