War Vs Saaho Action Scenes Comparison, Which Is Best So Far?

Out of a sudden in 2019, we are about to witness two major action films in a period of 2 months. These two films have literally upped the scale of action movies in India after Dhoom franchise and many others south action films.

War Vs Saaho- Money Spent In Actions:

Both the movies have spent huge money on their respective action scenes. But here, Saaho is a clear winner in terms of larger than life action scenes. In budget perspective too, Saaho has been made with a budget of 300 crores, whereas War movie budget looks around 150 to 170 crores range. That means both films have leave no stone unturned for the action sequences.

War Vs Saaho- Action Stuntmans:

If we go by the reports, Saaho movie has around 8-9 stuntman including Kenny Bates of Transformers fame, who have made this action as par Hollywood level. Even, War movie action scenes has been directed by Andy Armstrong from Hollywood and Mr. Oh who is martial arts action choreographer from South Korea.

Prabhas Vs Hrithik Roshan Vs Tiger Shroff

Though, both films are completely different but action in these two films is something very new that we have ever witnessed. And all there are big action heroes, so it would be a treat for the audience to watch.

War Vs Saaho: Whose Action Looks Better?

By looking at both the movie teasers and other action related things, I am sure Saaho is ahead by a small margin. But, we can’t deny the fact that War Teaser promises to be one of the biggest action entertainer. Saaho is slated to hit the theaters on August 15 and War to hit the theaters on October 2.

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