Tubelight Film Box Office Collection Day 8

Tubelight Film is one of those films that falls miserably on the silver screen in 2017. It started on an average note at the Box Office and now it is struggling to make even few crores collection. At the latest, Tubelight eight day collection is out now.


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We can’t call Tubelight as a fully flop film but it has actually devastated the distributors and exhibitors. Indian distribution rights of this film were sold to 132 crores, so that means that makers are in full profit but not the distributors. It has been reported that the distributors and exhibitors are in a turmoil situation due to the absence of audience for this big flick.

Talking about the Tubelight film collection, it has collected just 3 crores on the day 8 and makes the total to 109.86 crores. Even the overseas collections are average and make the worldwide total to 197 crores. This means that on the day 7, Tubelight will be there in the 200 crores club worldwide.

The film was extensively marketed across the world and released in over 5550 screens. It got 4350 screen count in India and overseas was 1200 screens. It got released in over 50 countries but it performed below average. There were minimum collections from UAE-GCC circuit and USA circuit, where Bollywood films have a good hold.

Directed by Kabir Khan, the film talks about the protagonist Laxman aka Tubelight, who has a hard life since childhood. The trouble comes in his kitty when his younger brother Bharat Bhist joins the Indian army and leave his hometown. It was that particular time when Salman Khan realises that he can do anything if he believes in his hope. The film is a remake of Hollywood film Little Boy.

Altogether, the film has completely washout from the silver screens majorly in the single screen theaters. It looks like the film won’t able to hold it until the third week in the theaters.

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