The Social Dilemma Review, Budget, Hit Or Flop On OTT?

Netflix latest presentation is a documentary called as The Social Dilemma which released on the OTT platform on September 9, 2020. This documentary is an eye opener to all the netizens who use social media, right from the 12 year kid to a grandpa as old as 70.

Image Source: Netflix

Social media companies have always says that they opened the app as they want the public to make friends and get digitally connected each other from across the world. Well, social media apps are now a days so much addictive that it changes your behaviour pattern to a major extent. This is what this documentary highlights.

How big giant social media companies change the behavior pattern of public through their apps and earning crores of money every year from advertising. They want an audience retention to their app as much as possible, the more the audience the better the company earn revenue from advertisers.

Image Source: Netflix

The Social Dilemma points several ill-effects of the platform like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and many others. In the documentary, the makers interviewed several social media companies former employees, who revealed that how a person’s behaviour has been changed by these tech giants without even knowing them

The documentary points about that these social media platforms make a teenager more prone to loneliness, sad, angry and frustrated with its features. There are filters on social media app to make you look different which you are not. When something says something wrong about your picture or a post, you gets effected badly. How fake news has been spreading through social media in a great extent is also highlighted in the movie.

How social media is like an addictive disease and it has a potential to destroy the life of people completely has been touched by makers in this documentary. The future of social media could lead us to civil war is also being talked about in this documentary.

Directed by Jeff Orlowski, this docudrama has been Exposure Labs, Argent Pictures and The Space Program. The screen time of this documentary is around 134 minutes, which is worth watching. The early critic reviews are good and audience is also loving it. That means The Social Dilemma is a hit online. The budget of this documentary hasn’t been revealed but it could have been around 80 to 100 crores easily.

Altogether, The Social Dilemma is a documentary that you must watch with your family, so that you can understand how social media is destroying a society and culture completely by changing the behavioural patterns of public.

Last Word: watch it to understand how social media changes your behaviour through their apps. A must watch for parents.

Bollywood Crazies Rating of The Social Dilemma: (Mind Blowing) 90 percent rating out of 100.

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