Squad Review, Box Office Result, Hit Or Flop On OTT?

Sqaud movie is the latest Hindi film which has been released on ZEE5 OTT platform on November 12, 2021. The screen time of this non-stop action film is around 2 hours 4 minutes.

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Story: The story revolves around Rinzing Denzongpa aka Bhim Rana who is an Indian special task force commando. Bhim was being called for a special mission by NERO chief (a secret agency) Pooja Batra aka Nandini Rajput. Apart from Bhim, Malvika Raaj aka Aria, Rohan Arora aka Nakul, Amit Gaur aka Ajay, Tanisha Dhillon aka Addy, have also being called by the Chief for a mission to save a 6-year-old Indian girl Dishita Jain aka Mimi in Georgia. It is being noted that, Mimi is a special child which have some supernatural abilities, thanks to his grandfather who turned her into Cyborg. Now, all the international intelligence agency is behind the girl including Pakistan and Israel to get the formula of her supernatural abilities. Now, Bhim and his team have a task to bring Mimi from Georgia to India. Will, they able to pull this off is what this story is all about. This film also features Mohan Kapoor aka Abhay Bhatnagar, who works with NERO chief in this mission.

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The early reviews of Squad movie is not up to the mark and it has been rated in a range of 1.5 to 2 stars out of 5 stars. This film currently holds 7.7 stars ratings out of 10 on IMDB.

Bollywood Crazies Opinion: Rinzing, who is the son on Danny Denzongpa, has been introduced in this film as an action star and he did that very efficiently. Well, Rinzing has to learn a lot if he want to stay long in this industry. Honestly, it’s a decent debut film for him and he did what he was told to. Malvika Raaj also being introduced in this film as a lead heroine. Well, the action was good in this film but the story was missing by miles. There is a non-stop action in this film but the emotions are seriously missing. The cinematography is good enough to hold your eyes but after sometime you too get bored with the screenplay and the story. As the film has no commercial element and hasn’t been promoted well, so there are big chances that it may not be seen by the masses. I did surprised by the action sequences as they were good but the weak story is what failed this film. The background music was more of annoying than impressing us. The rap-songs in between the fights didn’t worked out for me. The patriotism appeal wasn’t good enough to gulp down. One thing that I am impressed with is the outdoor locations of this film, which look stunning in frames. The production value of this film is good but unfortunately it won’t create the buzz it needed. Songs were annoying, it could have been avoided.

This movie has been co-written, co-produced and directed by Nilesh Zaheeda Sahay. This film also being co-produced by Brajesh Sahaya, Mohan Gopinath, and Zee Studios. The cinematography has been done by Anshuman Singh Thakur. The editing work handled by Debjan Bose, Nilesh Sahay. The musical score have been given by Sonal Pradhan and Amjad Nadeem Aamir.

Squad movie budget hasn’t been revealed by the makers but it could reportedly be around 15 to 17 crores maximum.

Altogether, Squad is one of those movies that is just plain action film with hardly emotions attached with it. Even the dubbing was not up to the mark.

Last Word: Watch it for its action scenes and beautiful locations and only if you want to see the debut of Rinzing Denzongpa.

Bollywood Crazies Ratings: Squad Movie Review- FAIL (30 percent out of 100).

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