Salman Khan Turns Distributor For RACE 3, SKF And TIPS Will Share Profit!

Salman Khan is one of the biggest superstars of Bollywood Industry in current scenario. He is ruling the box office, TV shows TRP’s and even social media. He is now very serious about his own production house brand building which is Salman Khan Films. At the latest, it is being rumored that Salman Khan will turn distributor with Race 3 movie.


Yes, that means there will be no middleman between Salman Khan’s Race 3 and Exhibitors. It is being heard that, the profits of distribution will be shared between TIPS and Salman Khan Films. It is for the first time, he is distributing the film under his own banner. This will lessen the risk of Race 3 and the chances of earning profits will be bigger.

Salman Khan’s Race 3 Trailer Review

It is also being heard that, Salman Khan Films marketing team will distribute this film by contacting will regional distributors in India. The makers will sell this film to the commission basis to these regional distributors.

From last 1 month, it was rumoured that Race 3 theatrical rights has been sold at 130 crores. Later, it was heard that makers are keen to sell the theatrical rights in 150 crores. This led to the back-down of the major distributors in India, including NH Studios and YRF.

Well, it is now clear that Salman Khan will himself take the initiative to distribute Race 3 movie.

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