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Dus Ka Dum is one of the most popular game show which first aired in 2008. After seeing the immense popularity this show got its second season which released in 2009. Since than, we rarely heard about Dus Ka Dum third season. But after 9 years gap, this show is finally getting its third season, which is releasing on June 4, 2018. The show will be hosted by none other than Bollywood Dabangg Salman Khan, who is famouly known for hosting Bigg Boss reality show.


The promos of Dus Ka Dum season 3 has been shot in February and got released at the start of May 19, 2018. The promos have garnered tremendous buzz and it will certainly break TRP records on television. At current time, Salman Khan is the biggest superstar of Bollywood and people love him for all his swag.

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If your memories of Dus Ka Dum is blurred, than don’t worry about it. I am here to explain the rules of this game, that was made in 2008 and 2009. There are two contestants selected each time and Salman will ask him five questions. Out of these five questions, the one who gets correct answer or close to the answer wins the first round. The second round consists of the winning contestant, who will again have to answer another 5 questions. Well, this questions have price money too. The first correct answer will earn the contestant Rs. 10000 and the range will be 40 percent.

The second correct answer price money is 1 lakh with a answering range 0f 30 percent. The third correct answer price money is Rs. 100000 and the answering range is 20 percent. The fourth correct answer price money is 1 Crore and the range will be just 10 percent. The biggest and final 5th correct answer price money is 10 crores with just 1 percent range.


Dus Ka Dum Episodes will be live from June 4, 2018 at Satellite TV Entertainment Channel. That means on Monday at 8.30 pm. The show will be telecast from Monday to Tuesday, twice in a week. Interestingly, Salman Khan has won Best Anchor Awards in 2008 and 2009 at Indian Telly Awards. It was also one the best rated TRP show in 2008 and 2009.

Altogether, Dus Ka Dum will again set TRP records and get great response from audience.

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