Sagarika Chhetri: Beyond just sports and entertainment anchoring

Sagarika Chhetri is one of the most renowned and respected anchors in the media industry today. She has earned a reputation for her ability to balance sports and Bollywood anchoring perfectly, making her a go-to choice for mega sporting and entertainment events.

Photo Courtesy: Sagarika Chhetri

Sagarika began her career on the Femina Miss India stage as she won the Femina Miss India Kolkata title in 2013. Her anchoring career soon took off as she started hosting Planet Bollywood on Zoomtv in 2013 which she continues to host. One thing led to another and then she started hosting the red carpets for major Bollywood events.

A turning point in her career came when she got her major break on Star Sports with ISL in 2015 as she did the ground reporting with a host of Indian and international athletes. She has been covering major events like the Khelo India, Commonwealth Games 2022, Abudhabi T10 (cricket), Dp world ILT20 (cricket), and ground reporting on the Indian Super League.

Despite her success in the sports world, Sagarika was not content to limit herself to just one area of the media. Her ability to seamlessly transition between sports and entertainment coverage is a testament to her versatility and range as a host.

One of Sagarika’s greatest strengths as an anchor is her ability to connect with her audience. She has a natural warmth and charm that makes viewers feel at ease, while also maintaining a professional demeanor that commands respect. Whether she is discussing the intricacies of a sports match or interviewing a Bollywood celebrity, Sagarika always manages to strike the right tone and engage her audience.

Another key element of Sagarika’s success as an anchor is her extensive knowledge and expertise. She has a deep understanding of the games she covers. This expertise is equally apparent when she is interviewing celebrities and industry insiders, as she can ask incisive questions and draw out interesting insights.

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