Rajinikanth Confirms His Entry Into Politics

The biggest megastar of Indian Cinema, Rajinikanth has announced his political entry today. He has confirmed that he will contest for the assembly elections in the state politics.


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As per him, things are not going great in the politics and that’s why he chooses to enter. He also declared that of I can’t able to improve the situation in this state than I will leave Politics in 3 years.

He also told that he is not entering the politics just for the sake of power. He asserts, “I didn’t have the thirst for power at the age of 45 (in 1996). At the age of 65, why would I have such a thirst.”

Talking about the Political situation in the state, he said, “Politics has become dirty. Democracy has collapsed. The happenings in Tamilnadu in the last one year have made people of Tamilnadu ashamed. People of other states are laughing at us. If I don’t enter politics now, I will feel guilty.”

Talking about the change in politics, he said, “We have to change everything. Time has come for a change in politics. We have to change the system. We need honest, transparent, without caste, religion but a Spiritual Politics is the need of the hour.”

Altogether, Rajinikanth has cleared his goal that he wants to make his state a better place for the living.

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