Ms Paris Keswani dedicated her life to the service of humanity

Giving Global Academy, an exceptional difference in the fight to normalize free education for all kids and youth.
As the primary catalyst behind this once in a lifetime project, Paris poured out her
entire love for humanity in conceiving and executing the construction of this
edifice of great sharing of information and acquisition of useful knowledge. She
conceived the GG Academy based on a conviction to construct an academy on an
all-inclusive classical educational philosophy which creates an efficient mind and
body unification without causing disharmony to the spirit of the students.

A rare occasion wherein the sons and daughters abandoned on the streets around
the world and left to suffer in poverty till death met them, are given a place in an
academy that can match any found today in the ivy league schools, to show the
world that their talents can equally be of Nobel Prize quality.
Paris believes that that the eradication of illiteracy is but one step on the lengthy
staircase of solving the current modern plagues of hunger, poverty, infant
mortality, lack of access to basic health case. While it may not completely
eradicate it, it will certainly be a catalyst to its complete eradication and for once
we will let kindness and compassion control and eradicate that selfish streak that
makes us human.

Over the years her relentless advocacy and unflinching dedication to improving the
wellbeing of others endeared her to many friends and admirers from civil society
and helped form alliances and progressive partnerships with her New York Non-
Profit Organization, Great Giving Charitable Global Foundation, Inc.
Born In India, Paris relocated to the United States, where she attained Honors in
Public Administration while preserving her love for gemology. She later became a
certified gemologist and successful entrepreneur initially working her way through
the ropes as a jewelry designer and sales associate. Today, as an accomplished
jeweler and beauty queen, Paris has irrevocably dedicated her entire professional
life to the service of humanity, promotion of global peace, eradication of poverty
and provision of housing for all.

A perfect blend of beauty and compassion, Paris volunteers at UNICEF and New
York Cares, and is honored to be a part of the United Nations Environmental
Program in addition to being a proud Mother of an 11-year-old son, Prince, with
whom she feeds more than 200 homeless people every Tuesday, visits a new senior
home every weekend, runs an annual book fair, toy and blanket drives and massive
tree planting projects to protect our environment. She has been recognized,
honored and appreciated by the good People of Secaucus New Jersey, whom their
Mayor, Michael Gonnelli, committed to work with her organization on a special environmental project to replenish withering trees by planting new ones and
helping children with special needs.

As the wheels of human progress turns through the quadrangles of this planet we
rejoice and stand exuberant knowing that in each wheel is found imprints of
unrequited kindness affixed by the benevolent hands of our dearest Ms Paris
Keswani, the people’s humanitarian.

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