Movie Shutdown announcement by Sanjeev Kumar Rajput, Starring Shaji Chaudhary, Gulshan Nain and Niharika Porwal

Bollywood director Sanjeev Kumar Rajput has unveiled the poster for his next film Shutdown on January 15. The movie would be based on a true incident, director Sanjeev Kumar Rajput stated during the film’s launch as he introduced the actors portraying the main roles. The filming of Movie Shutdown, which is based on the life of a worker in the Uttar Pradesh Electricity Department, will start soon in the vicinity of Agra. The director has announced that he will begin filming on February 10.


The primary actor in the film Shutdown, Gulshan Nain, thinks that playing this character will be very difficult for him. It will be exciting and tough for him to play the part of a peasant because up until now, he has only worked on current movies or TV shows. Along with Gulshan Nain, actress Niharika Porwal will play the protagonist in this movie.

Let us inform you that the part of the movie’s primary antagonist will be played by actor Shaji Chaudhary. Shaji Chaudhary, an actor, is renowned for his superior acting abilities. Actor Shaji Chaudhary, who gained notoriety by portraying the pivotal character Maqbool in the Mirzapur web series, will soon be seen alongside Shah Rukh Khan in the movie Pathan. It is still unclear how director Sanjeev Kumar Rajput would handle the project.

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