Mission Mangal Vs Saaho Clash Is Now Official, Will It Affect Each Other’s Business?

Almost a month ago, the makers of Saaho has confirmed that their film will hit the theatres on August 15, 2019. Since then, it would rumoured that Mission Mangal might change its release date in front of such a big film. Well, on July 2, the makers of Mission Mangal has released the first poster of the film and confirmed that the film will be released as per the schedule on August 15. Now, that means it’s a confirmed clash and we all know that whenever there is a clash, both the films loose money in return as they share screens in a major way.

Mission Mangal Vs Saaho:

If I say that the clash will not impact Mission Mangal in a big way, than you might be surprised. Or if I say that Mission Mangal won’t impact Saaho in a major way. Let me explain, both the films are too different for the audience as Mission Mangal is first space film of a Bollywood on the other hand Saaho is the science fiction action film based in future. This clearly means that, the audience who watch both the movies will be completely different. Some audience might prefer Saaho and other will go for Mission Mangal. As it will be an Independence day releases, so there are big chances that people will go to Mission Mangal first. One thing I also add you here, Akshay has also released Rustom and Gold movie in the past on August 15. Despite clashes, Akshay film did wonders at the box office. This time too, he is back with a patriotic theme based film and audience will love it.

Now if we talk about Saaho, it is the biggest action entertainer of the year that budgets around 300 crores. It will be a pan India released and in India we have over 9000 screens. That means, Saaho will do wonders in pan-India and it even rock in Hindi circuits. As its genre is totally different from Mission Mangal, so there are chances that audience who will watch any of these film might not prefer for the other. Or, people will get enough time to watch both these films back to back.


I think, its too early to talk about both the films collections, still Mission Mangal can be a game changer for Akshay as the story is totally different and it is Bollywood’s first ever full-fledged film based on India’s successful Mars mission. So, the curiosity will definitely be there and it will go past 100 crores and anything more than that will definitely give this film a hit tag. Saaho has a big budget of 300 crores, I feel this can be Prabhas second film to cross 250 – 300 crores just in Hindi belt. Overall, I am expecting over 500 crores nett from India minimum and lets hope for the best.

Final Words:

Both the films will rule at the box office without hurting each other films business in a big way. So, i think it will be a win-win situations for all at this Independence day.

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