Kapil Sharma Reveals The Reason Why ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ Went Off Air

Kapil Sharma has entertained everyone in last one year with his show, The Kapil Sharma Show. Now, the show will soon see a major halt due to Kapil’s poor health and low TRP ratings. At the latest, Kapil Sharma has revealed the major reason why his show is going off the air.


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Talking to Mumbai Mirror, Kapil Sharma reveals that it was his health related issues that have put a break on the show. He said, “I am currently in Bangalore undergoing Ayurvedic treatment. I needed to repair my body to make a great and healthy comeback. I am hoping to be back in Mumbai by September-end. Most of what has been written about me lately are rubbish. I have been working for the last 10 years without a break and I needed medical help to combat anxiety, blood pressure, and sugar problems and correct an unbalanced diet. I thought it was best to take a break before another problem that I couldn’t control cropped up. After ignoring my health all these years, I am focusing on it now.”

When asked him about the low TRP is the reason behind the closure of his show, he refuted by saying, “I have a wonderful relationship with the Sony team. Another channel would have put insane pressure on me to carry on but the Sony bosses never issued any threats. I could not afford to cancel another episode so I called them and requested that I wanted to take a break. They readily agreed. They have been really supportive. I will complete my medical course and start promoting my film before returning to the show. I have no plans of leaving Sony.”

Altogether, Kapil Sharma is now recovering his health with Ayurveda treatment in Hyderabad. We just hope to see him soon on The Kapil Sharma Show.

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