‘Icons of Grace’, a national bestseller by Nityanand Charan Das, traces lives of India’s enlightened souls, Kajal Aggarwal delves into the depths of these personalities

In a world fraught with human clashes and discord, we are constantly searching for that inner peace. We have long realised that our life’s purpose can be sought only when we delve into our own selves, leading to inner peace as well. One such dynamic and evolved personality is Nityanand Charan Das. Associated with ISKCON since many years, He has chronicled the stories of 21 saints who attained great spiritual heights through their commitment and dedication in a book that was released recently.


This spiritual event was marked by several cultural activities that were presented in the form of bhajans and interesting conversations around spirituality and connect with our day to day lives. Actor Kajal Aggarwal who was also a Special Guest of the event conversed with Nityanand Charan Das about the book and his journey. “Icons of Grace is one of the most spiritually relatable books written by Nityanand Charan Das from ISKCON. It makes the divine personal for each one of us through stories of 21 saints who witnessed grace through their devotion. Makes one feel like it’s achievable in their life too! Loved the book and strongly recommend it as a must-read,” she said while speaking about the book.

Nityanand Charan Das said “There is something for everyone in ICONS OF GRACE, For an aspiring spiritualist, it acts as a guiding light..* For an advanced one, it acts a source of nourishment. For someone who is looking for solace for a wounded heart, it acts as a soothing balm & For someone with a troubled mind, it acts a perfect medicine. Just read and see the wonderful magic that manifests!

Some other personalities who attended the event were: Ajay Mittal, Chairman-Arshiya Limited, Partner-Mittal Builders – Abhishek Karnani, Nisha Aggarwal (Actor & Influencer), Malti Jain, Subodh & Snehal Runwal, Kiren Shrivastav (Founder Fempowerment and Chairperson CFBP Consumer Film Festival)

About the Author: Born in a small village in Himachal Pradesh, Swamiji harboured and pursed his dream of becoming an Army officer since his young days. He did pray and chant and he did have a recurring vision of donning saffron robes even as a young boy, but did not pay much attention to it.
However, life’s experiences drew him to spirituality and led him to being a monk. He has been treading the path of spirituality since, enlightening and inspiring others to discover their own purpose in life.

About the Book: Icons of Grace traces the journeys and lives of 21 luminaries of India who were spiritual guides to many and people even today through their teachings and personal experiences. The book offers hope to each and every one of us to believe that though our journey maybe imperfect, spiritual redemption is accessible and possible to everyone.

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