Daman Movie Beats Kantara And KGF Chapter 2 On IMDB Ratings

Odia film Daman is the hot topic in India right now as the word of mouth of this film is great and audience is loving this film in the limited screens. Well, Daman movie also held a new record now, as Daman movie IMDB ratings is much better than two big films of 2022, Kantara and KGF Chapter 2.

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Daman movie which has officially released on November 4, 2022 currently holds 9.7 stars ratings out of 10 stars with 6.5k votings. On the other hand, KGF Chapter 2 movie has scored 8.4 stars ratings out of 10 stars on IMDB where 131K people voted for this film.

Well, the biggest surprise here is Daman IMDB ratings is much better than Kantara movie. Kantara currently holds 9.1 stars ratings out of 10 stars on IMDB website with 66K votes.

This above comparison clearly tells that Daman is one of the most sought film of 2022 in India and score much better ratings than many big films released in 2022. This is a big achievement for Odia cinema in Pan-India level.

Directed by Debi Prasad Lenka and Vishal Mourya, Daman movie is still scoring good collection numbers in Theaters across India. This film features Babushaan Mohanty aka Dr Siddharth in this movie.

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