Bigg Boss 11 Day 9 Episode 9 Review October 10, 2017

Bigg Boss 11 is currently in the second week and here I will talk about the details of Day 9 in the house. During the late night, we have seen Padosis talking to the housemates, where the latter ones were telling their fake stories of their fake family. In the morning, the day starts with a song ‘Nazre Mili Dil Dhadka’. Soon, we have seen Akash talking to Sshivani that they are sure the Padosis are lying about their characters.


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During the afternoon time, Hina and Vikas had a chat about Priyank exit. Soon, they started fighting on that particular topic. Hina says that she did wrong to support Vikas. On the other hand, the other housemates were gone against Vikas like Bandagi and Puneesh. Meanwhile, Shilpa looks happy to see Vikas upset in the house. After some time, Vikas went to the washroom and started crying. He even broke the mic and tries to leave Bigg Boss 11 house. He later went to confession room, where he said sorry to Bigg Boss.

In the mid of the ninth day, Bigg Boss has introduced the Raja Rani Ki Kahaani task, where Hiten was announced as Raja and Shilpa and Arshi were announced as Rani. The twist in this task is, half of the housemates are being in Shilpa’s side and the other half is in Arshi’s side. Bigg Boss told Hiten that he needs to find at the end of the task, who is the good rani and who is the bad rani. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss called Shilpa and Arshi inside the confession room, to tell them that Arshi is bad Rani and Shilpa is Good Rani.

While doing the task, Hiten, who is a king, ordered Sapna to press Arshi’s leg. Well, Sapna refused to do that but the housemates told them that it is just a task. She completed the task but the end of the day, she wanted to hit Arshi, who is also a queen. Hiten stopped Sapna to hit Arshi and says that please don’t do this and thanks for respecting my order as a king.

Before the end of the episode, we could see Puneesh romancing with Bandagi in the lawn area. It seems like they are the only lovebirds in the house. They will definitely bring some twist in the house in the days to come. Well, the recap of the next episode is an exploding one, as we have seen Sapna along with Mehzabi are verbally fighting to Arshi Khan.

Altogether, It was an entertaining episode with few upsetting moments.

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