Bigg Boss 11 Day 12 Episode 12 Review October 13, 2017

Bigg Boss 11 has entered in the second week and we have witnessed the special episode of Friday Ka Faisla in this show. It is the 12th day in the Bigg Boss house, where Journalist Saurabh Sharma talks to the guest Manu Punjabi and Sargun Mehta. They all were talking about their favorite contestants in the show. Even, Saurabh had a talk with Sapna Chaudhary’s brother Vikas, who says Sapna is controlling her anger in the house.


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The day started with a song Khula Hai Mera Pinjhara, where we have witnessed the housemates dancing together. Well, we have witnessed a strange thing in the house, where Shilpa and Vikas talking politely. Since Vikas become a captain, we have seen Shilpa also became too polite in the house, especially with him. But, that was just for few hours, as Shilpa and Arshi had a verbal fight.

Soon, Bigg Boss announced the housemates to choose three people for the Kaalkothari. As Vikas is a captain, so he was asked to choose a candidate for Kaalkothri, he took Hina Khan’s name. When asked about the reason, he said she didn’t complete her task. Well, Padosis were asked to choose a contestant for Kaalkothari, they choose Arshi. And the final contestant for the Kaalkothari was Sapna, chosen by the housemates.

Well, inside the kalkothari, we have witnessed that Arshi talks about insects by indirectly talking the name of Sapna. On the other hand, Sapna sprayed an insect killer on Arshi. Both had a verbal fight inside the Kaalkothari, where Hina Khan is lying on her bed politely.

In the precap of Weekend Ka Vaar, we have seen Salman Khan gets angry on the housemates. He is upset how contestants are playing a bad game in the house.

Let’s wait and see what comes next on Weekend Ka Vaar episode on October 14, 2017.

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