Bharat Movie Detailed Review: Ratings – Distinction

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starring Bharat movie has released today worldwide in 6000 screens, which includes 4700 screens in India. Made with over 100 crores budget, Bharat movie has its ups and downs abit, but overall this film shines like a waking sun.

Star cast:

Salman plays the role of Bharat, Katrina Kaif as Kumud and Sunil Grover as Kumud. The three are the important pillar of this film, which helps the film sail in a storming ocean. Salman tried his best to be natural as possible and he succedded in it too. Personally, I liked his 70 year-old rugged look and his action in that shade. Katrina Kaif plays Kumud’s character and her hardwork can be seen, especially her command over Hindi. Sunil Grover brings the much needed happiness in this emotional saga. Sonali Kulkarni, Jackie Shroff, Tabu, Disha Patani has done decent performance.

Story: A father tells his 10 year-old son to keep the family together in his absence. The son keeps the family intact even after 70 years. That’s the base of the film and it has India Pakistan partition which leads the course of the film.

Music, Editing, Cinematography:

Music is good in this film, especially the background music. The songs that I can take away with me is Zinda Hoon and Chashani. Other songs are decent like Main Turpeya and Slow Motion. The editing could have been better, the film could be trimmed to 15 mins less than current 2.30 hrs movie. The cinematography in this film is great and the film is full of colors.


After Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai, Ali Abbas Zafar has again managed to made a good film as Bharat. Except some loopholes, the film is a must watch for all fans and Bollywood aficionados.

Ratings: Distinction

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