5 Reasons Why Salman Khan Tiger Zinda Hai Will Be A Flop!

Salman Khan has a humongous fan following across the world and his films are enough to tell his success story in Bollywood. Unfortunately, his recent film Tubelight was a flop at the Box Office and since then there are the lot of speculations about his upcoming film Tiger Zinda Hai. Well, everyone has this question in mind? will Tiger Zinda Hai will be a flop or a hit? Well, we have ensemble 5 points which specify that Tiger Zinda Hai will be a flop movie like his recent Tubelight.


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5 Reasons Why Tiger Zinda Hai Will Be a Flop:

1. Tubelight Failure:

Salman Khan has a burden of Tubelight failure on his head for sure. Tubelight was made over a budget of 100 crores and managed to rake up only 120 crores nett collection till now. Right from the film critics and audience, people didn’t like the movie at all. So there is a possibility that it will affect his upcoming movie Tiger Zinda Hai.

2. Tiger Zinda Hai Pre-release Business will be affected

Tubelight movie rights were sold to 132 crores to the Indian distributors. Though producers made a profit, distributors lost all their money as to poor audience response. Salman recently agreed to monetarily compensate the distributors, who lost their big chunk of money after Tubelight failure. So, this would ultimately effect to his upcoming movie Tiger Zinda Hai. And that means Tiger Zinda Hai movie rights will be sold at low cost as the distributors don’t want to take a risk again by paying huge money and suffer loss.

3. No Kabir Khan?

Kabir Khan has directed Ek Tha Tiger in 2012 and it has turned out as one of the biggest hit. This time the movie is being helmed by Ali Abbas Zafar, who hasn’t directed any big action film yet. Though his Sultan was a big hit this movie has a totally different level of action, which Kabir knows better than any other director. So, this might be a reason why Tiger Zinda Hai might go off the track.

4. Katrina Kaif


Whether its Fitoor or Baar Baar Dekho, Katrina Kaif is giving flop films one after another. In 2012, she was ruling the box office and she was even Salman’s girlfriend. But now, she is not his girlfriend and that might also be a reason why Salman Fans won’t like their chemistry. So, if Katrina Kaif fails to deliver good performance in Tiger Zinda Hai, then surely she will stop getting big movies. It’s a big think that the makers have cast her to revive her career.

5. Huge Expectation from audience

We have seen what has happened to Tubelight. As the audience was expecting it to beat Aamir Khan’s Dangal and Prabhas’s Baahubali 2, but Tubelight failed miserably. Audience expectations have raised a lot and if Tiger Zinda Hai won’t fit the bill like Dangal or Baahubali, people will surely won’t go to watch this flick. So a good buzz is an important right from the posters, trailers, and songs. If the film didn’t receive a big buzz, it might loose big money again.

Altogether, these are the Top 5 reasons why Tiger Zinda Hai movie might be a flop at the Box Office.

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