2.0 Versus Avengers Infinity War On April 27, 2018

The makers of 2.0 film have lately announced that their film will be released on April 27, 2018. It is a big move by the 2.0 makers to release the film on April 27, where a big Hollywood film Avengers Infinity War has already locked its release date. Yes, that means 2.0 Versus Avengers Infinity War is on for April 2018.


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2.0 is the costliest Indian film till now, which is being made with a whopping budget of 450 crores. This film also the costliest 3D film made in India. The makers have lately announced in a press release that 2.0 is planned for April 27, 2018, release. Meanwhile, the makers of Hollywood film Avengers Infinity War has also planned their release in India on the same date. Internationally, this Hollywood film will release on May 4, 2018.

So, there will be a big clash we will see between two big films. One is the biggest Indian film so far and the other one is the biggest Marvel films till date. Indians are always crazy for Hollywood superhero movies and this time they will also see Indian Superhero Rajinikanth. So, it would be the biggest clash of 2018 with two Superhero movies.

Altogether, Rajinikanth film will face a tough competition with Avengers Infinity War at the box office.

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