Upendra Film Review (1999)

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Upendra is a Kannada language film which has officially released in theaters on October 22, 1999. It was a psychological thriller film which has a runtime of around 2 hours 17 minutes.

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Story: The story narrated by Arun Govil aka Vikramaditya and it stars Real Star Upendra aka Nannu, who is an egoist person but he is true from the heart. He can’t see wrong things happening in front of his eyes and wants to give justice to the needy at any cost. Here we see that Nannu has a wife Prema aka Swathi, still he loves to flirt. One young girl Damini aka Rathi starts liking Nannu due to his truthful nature. Later, Rathi got shocked when she knows that Nannu is married. Sooner, we see that Nannu also starts flirting a millionaire’s daughter Raveena Tandon aka Keerthi who has big money. This is Raveena’s first Kannada film. As the movie follows, we see that Nannu has three girls in his life and he is hiding his secret from everyone. What happens when, Nannu’s secret revealed to all the three girls is what you need to watch in this movie.

This film also features Sarojamma, Gurukiran, Shankar Bhat, V Manohar and others.

Bollywood Crazies Opinion: The story was good as it teaches us about how ego, greed and lust destroys a person. I liked overall concept and how the makers has presented it the audience. It is not a linear screenplay as the makers want to confuse you as much as he can. The film has been shot differently and edited in a unique manner. The makers has taken all the creative liberty to present a serious subject like this. I personally liked the casting of all the three main girls in the movie. Upendra’s performance was top notch as well. This was not a normal film and you have to put your head on right place to understand this cinema. The movie also talks about casting couch through few scenes. Raveena has played her role in a nice manner but her dubbing has been done by some other lady. I liked the innovative filmmaking of Upendra back than in 1999, when hardly anyone trying differently. This is one of the cult Kannada film even after so many years. The songs were decent. I personally liked the musical score and editing work, they need to be applauded more. The production value was good and it was something new for the masses back than. The outfit of Upendra were crazy and I liked the last one when he printed his own face on the tshirt. Right from the start to end, the movie is shaky, unpredicted and yet exciting.

Directed and written by Upendra. It has been produced by Shilpa Srinivas and the cinematography done by A V Krishna Kumar. The editing work excellently done by T Shashikumar. The musical score given by Gurukiran.

Altogether, Upendra is one such film that you will not forget in your life. I am not comparing the film still I feel it was like Mera Naam Jokar (1970).

Bollywood Crazies Ratings: Upendra Review (4 stars out of 5).

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