Under The Skin Movie Review: Though Provoking And Simply Outstanding

Under The Skin (2014) is a science fiction drama that will stay with you for a long. After Sexy Beast (2000) and Birth (2004), the director Jonathan Glazer took 10 years to release his third film Under The Skin.

Starring Scarlett Johansson, many of you know her for her performance of Black Widow in Marvel Studio movies. It was one of her very best work till date, where she essays the role of an alien, who disguised as a woman. She lures lonely and single guys and take them to her isolated house. What she does after that, is so shocking that you never want to see.

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Jonathan Glazer direction is top-notch and the visuals that he created on screen will always remain with you. The screenplay was raw and real, thanks to Walter Campbell and Jonathan Glazer. You cannot miss the cinematographer Daniel Landin, who took beautiful close shots of an eye and extremely long shots of ocean, roads and etc.

The movie is like a slow burning fuel and you can never predict what will happen next. I loved, the way the director showed the fog, oceans, fire, wind and other elements in the film. You can feel the breath of the film, if you closely watch various scenes that are raw and natural.

Though there is some nudity in the film but it was the demand of the subject. I was awestruck with the climax scene in the jungle, as it could overpower many horror movies climax. Paul Watts edit looks a bit sloppy but the film needs that kind of visuals to tell the story. As the perspective of these scenes has been shown from the alien point of view, who camouflaged as a beautiful woman.

Watch Or Not? This movie received universal acclaim and I too will agree with it. Definitely watch if you are a true cinema lover. Note, this film is for the adults.

Ratings: 90 % (Mindblowing)/ 100 %.

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