Shah Rukh Khan Is Most Risk Taking Superstar In Bollywood

Shah Rukh Khan aka The King Of Bollywood is one of the most popular Indian Superstar in the world. He has ruled in Bollywood from over 30 years and still he is going strong. Here we will talk about why SRK is the most risk taking superstar of Hindi film industry?

In Recent years, most of his films failed at the box office and couldn’t even recover the films investment. Due to these failures, several critics, media industry people and online trollers stating that SRK’s time is over now and he should take retirement from film industry. Well, I just want to reply to all those by saying that SRK has won most number of Filmfare awards which is equivalent to awards won by thespian Dilip Kumar. I think, this will silence the Trollers.

Now coming to the topic, why SRK is the most risk taking superstar in Bollywood? If you know, in his early career in 90’s era, SRK choosen all type of roles including negative roles. One of his interviews he said that, I just wanted to get work whatever it may be. Interestingly, in Darr and Baazigar, Shah Rukh’s negative role has been well appreciated. In 1995, his Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge arrived at the theaters, which is still running in Maratha Mandir in Mumbai Central area in Mumbai. With this film, SRK is termed as the king of romance in Bollywood.

After doing all kinds of roles, SRK tried to experiment with his roles and characters. That’s why he invested a huge some of money in Ra.One movie, where he played a superhero. He took a big risk by making this movie and also promoted it heavily by spending over 25 to 30 crores. Though, the film didn’t worked out well but he took all his risk to give a larger than life film to Hindi audience.

SRK even experimented in Fan movie, where he played two different characters, which was directed by Rahul Dholakia. The film again termed as a big flop but it was a well crafted film and one of the difficult roles for him. If you think SRK didn’t took enough risk for fans, than let me tell you he also experimented in Zero movie by playing a dwarf. He spend over 200 crores to look dwarf in this film and his team at Red Chillies Entertainment worked round the clock to make this film a VFX friendly film for the audience. As, you will find it difficult to notice that SRK is actually playing a dwarf. The movie has been extensively shot and post-production work cost lot of time. Shockingly, ZERO was a box office disaster but couldn’t deny that it was SRK’s biggest risk so far in terms of producing and acting in a movie.

In one of his recent interview, SRK revealed that he just don’t want to make movie for the sake of making it and earn money. He want to experiment with the movies and always wanted to give something new to the audience.

So, even if he gave consecutive flops in Bollywood in recent years, still he is the biggest risk taking Superstar in Bollywood. And so, he is still the roaring King Of Bollywood.

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