Ram Setu Hindi Trailer Review

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Ram Setu trailer is 2 minutes 10 second and it has officially released on ZeeStudios YouTube channel. And this is the fifth film trailer of Akshay Kumar this year.

Photo Courtesy: ZeeStudios-RamSetuMovie

Ram Setu trailer details clearly that Ram Setu place will be destroyed in three days and only chance to save the place is to bring some proof that it was actually a Ram Setu. Well, Akshay Kumar works in Archaeological Survey Of India and he took the task to save Ram Setu at any cost with the help of his team Satyadev and Jacqueline Fernandez. So, in this trailer you can see the struggle of Akshay’s character and his team who is trying every bit to save Ram Setu place.

The visuals of Ram Setu trailer is effective and give goosebumps when we hear Jai Shri Ram song during the trailer. The VFX work is good but it could have been much better. The trailer has been nicely edited with fast paced scenes. I feel connected throughout the trailer. This trailer will exceed the hype of the film to next level. The trailer has crossed 8.2 lakhs views already on YouTube in 1 hours and most of thr comments are also positive.

This film has been written and directed by Abhishek Sharma who has actually made this film for the mass audience. The trailer will also excite the kids and the youth which will further help the film to earn big collections on Diwali 2022.

Ram Setu will also clash with Thank God and Har Har Mahadev film in theaters on October 25, 2022.

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