Producer Raakesh U Saakat announces the release date of his road trip movie Miami से Newyork, film to release on 5th August Worldwide

When we talk about Hindi films based on road trips, you can easily count such films on your finger tips. The names which comes instantly in our minds is of films such as Dil Chahta Hai and Zindagi Milegi Na Dobaara which were loved by masses and critics alike and both the films are still remembered by audiences.

Photo Courtesy: Prissha Films-MiamiSeNewyorkMovie

Now, another film based on a road trip is ready to hit the theatres on 5th August, 2022. Titled Miami से Newyork, the film is a road trip consisting of four friends who one day decide to hit the roads from one city (Miami) to another city (Newyork) who during their trip take help from a young and handsome boy to reach their destination. Though Maimi से Newyork is a road trip movie, it has a beautiful love story at the centre of its heart which will struck everyones heart and make you smile in unimaginable ways.

Four friends Nihana Minaz (Anshu), Nikhar Krishnani (Shaina) Janelle Lacle (Millie) Rohini Chandra (Asha) one day decide to go on a road trip for which they take help from Arjun Anand (Ravi). As the long road trip unfolds in its own pace, many aspects of their friendship and their relation with the young boy comes to the fore which makes the film more engaging and interesting.

Announcing the release date of the comedy/adventure film which will be widely released on 5th of August, the producer of the film Raakesh U Saakat says, “Though there have been few films based on road trips which became cult in their own ways, but our film Miami से Newyork is different from all such films. I am very sure that audiences are going to enjoy this ride which has a very unique storyline made with fresher and younger talents.” Cinematogrpher Parixit Warrier has beautifully captured the story for the celluloid.

Made under the banner of Prissha Films, Miami से Newyork has been directed by Joy Augustine whose filmography consists of films like Tere Mere Sapne, Paagalpan, etc. Joy is a prolific filmmaker who is also known as a writer, producer and ad filmmaker. In his career spanning more than 30 years, Joy Augustine has also made many highly and critically acclaimed ad films.

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