Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass Review: A Decent Attempt From Sunny Deol To Launch Karan Deol

Starcast: Karan Deol as Karan Sehgal, Sahher Bambba as Saher Sethi, Sachin Khedekar as Saher’s father

Story And Dialogues:

The story of the film revolves around a Mountaineer Karan Sehgal who owns a company called as Camp Ujhi. Miss Saher, who is a Vlogger takes an assignment to expose Camp Ujhi as it takes Rs. 5 lakhs for a 5 days tour. Soon, Saher goes to Manali in Himachal Pradesh and meet Karan. They both goes to 5 days trecking trip and how Saher hatred turns into love for Karan is what follows the story. The first half is bubly and full of picturesque visuals and songs. The second half is full of drama and emotional issues. There are only few dialogues that tickle your funny bones.

Acting Performances:

Sahher has performed much better than Karan in terms of their characters. Karan will take time to get into the skin of the character but his honest portrayal will make you happy. Sahher looks more comfortable in her role and she has a long way to go. There is an action scene in this film where Karan hit the antagonist with his hand and it will remain you of Sunny Deol’s Dhai Kilo Ka Haath performance. It is their first film, so we can’t judge much on their performances. Sachin Khedekar performance is up to the mark. The antagonist in the movie Viren has also did his best.


There are hardly any sets in the movie as most of the movie is shot in an open locations of Himachal Pradesh.

Music, Cinematography And Editing:

The music is the soul of this film and it is really excellent. The songs were heart stirring especially the title track. The cinematography of this film is brilliant. The visuals of this films will make your eyes happy. By looking at the visuals, you will definitely want to go to Manali. There were


Sunny Deol tried his best to showcase today’s youth and their problems in this decently made film. The youth might not attract with the film but if you are a die hard fan of Sunny Deol than you can go for it once.

Ratings: 50 Percent (Average)/ Out of 100 Marks

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