Monster Hunt 2 Defeats Secret Superstar Total Collection In CHINA In 2 Days

One of the biggest releases of China, Monster Hunt 2 is unstoppable at Chinese Box Office. It is all set to touch 1000 crores gross total in three days. Well, it has already beaten Indian film Secret Superstar total collection in China in just 2 days.

On the first day, Monster Hunt 2 was seen by over 1.47 crores audience in China, where it has earned $ 85.10 million (547.95 crores). On the second day, this film has earned $ 59.81 million (385.11 crores), which takes the final total to $ 144.91 million (933.07 crores). On the other hand, Secret Superstar earned $0.03 million (19.31 lakhs) on Day 30 and makes the total to $ 117.63 million (757.41 crores) till now.

Secret Superstar Box Office Collection Day 28 CHINA

There is no confirmation yet, whether Secret Superstar will get one more month extension in China. Even if, Secret Superstar get’s an extension, then to it will not earn big due to fewer screens. Apart from that Monster Hunt 2 and Detective Chinatown Vol 2 is in the top two position. Monster Hunt 2 is a sequel to Monster Hunt, which released in 2015 and earned $ 385.28 million (2480 crores) at the box office worldwide. It was the biggest Chinese earning film of all-time, whose record was later beaten by The Mermaid in 2016.


Altogether, Monster Hunt 2 is on its way to beat all the box office records of China in its lifetime run.

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