KRK Kutta Song Review, Mika Singh Humiliates KRK Over Salman Khan’s Radhe Controversy

KRK Kutta is the latest song released by Mika Singh on his personal YouTube channel of the same name. This song has been dedicated to self proclaimed critic Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK over Salman Khan’s Radhe controversy.

Well, before talking about the latest release song, we must also need to know about the whole issue. It all started with Radhe Roasted Review by KRK. After that, Salman Khan’s legal team filed a defamation suit against KRK over his videos and tweets related to Radhe actor. When, Mika Singh was asked about his point of view, he clearly said that it is KRK’s fault and he should have know his limits. Soon after that, KRK openly insulted Mika Singh in his series of tweets. This infuriated Mika Singh and he openly said to media that he is going to make KRK famous now by releasing a song on him.

The screentime of KRK Kutta song is around 3 minutes 40 seconds. It has been sung by Mika Singh himself. The music have been rendered by Mika and Shaarib Toshi. The lyrics have been written by Princy, Heera and Pannu.

Bollywood Crazies Opinion: The music is top notch and the lyrics are apt to the song. The words are a bit offensive and it’s a direct reply to KRK that he should stop targeting Bollywood superstars. The message of this song is, ‘Think Before You Bark.’ If we just talk about song, it looks good but still I don’t support such songs that targets others. Music always unites people but here the case looks completely different. Anyways, a nice attempt to give a straight answer to KRK in his own language.

Altogether, KRK Kutta is one of those songs that might be liked by Bollywood superstars who have been grilled by KRK himself.

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