Actor and Model Abhinav Gautam Reveals His Fitness Mantra For Healthy Life

According to ABHINAV GAUTAM Wellness of mind and body are always important and more so now, as uncertainty has taken over our lives, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Fitness means being mentally and physically fit, combined with good immunity and high levels of energy. To get into a good mood, you just need one intense workout. It is not possible to go to the gym during the lockdown. Hence, I have allotted exercise time daily, My fitness mantra is to have a healthy lifestyle – a combination of exercise, healthy diet, good sleep and a positive state of mind. This is what helps me stay fit and smiling.

Abhinav told that his morning starts at 6 ,After that, he does meditation for 20 minutes which helps me to relax and be calm. I exercise on my own at home. It is important to exercise daily at home.
I like to be lean and fit and accordingly I do my diet or exercise. My idol is Akshay Kumar, Akshay Kumar has inspired me about fitness since childhood and since then I have been following him
I eat simple, home-cooked food. have a smoothie every day, consisting of apple, papaya and banana. only consume. It is important to be emotionally, mentally and spiritually fit during these time.
I am learning how to do the Surya Namaskar and Yoga, by watching videos. Surya Namaskar is effective in burning calories, balancing energies, improving flexibility and boosting physical and mental strength. I try to keep my spirits high, by listening to music and also reading inspirational books.

The Coronavirus is just another hurdle in this race of life. It has brought changes that the world had never imagined of but, in no way, has it affected our spirits. This is a ‘detox program’ designed by nature and each one of us is come out of it stronger and also this phase approx is pass’. Be positive, look out for each other and help the needy in whichever way you can – a bonus for your karma!

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