JAANEMAN to do a Biggest Bollywood Debut

Today we are going to talk about a boy belonging to a poor family in Kullu-Manali in Himachal Pradesh. We have come up with a story that will force you to believe in luck and hard work. Time stops for none and you never know when your time has come. So, keep grinding until you have made it.


Where a boy that was living a happy life and was enjoying every moment of his childhood and went to an international school for his studies.

Sudden his life changed where he has to stop his schooling and has to take care of his own. by any how he completed his schooling but to complete his higher studies he was struggling because he didn’t have the money to deposit his fees and to do that he went through a lot of struggle where he became a tourist taxi driver, drove a truck and was selling cloths in the streets of Banaras and then he came to Mumbai to earn some money. where he was doing a waiter’s job at a restaurant in Mumbai. Where he earned not so decent amount of money.

But what is destined for you will come to your way by any means.
He came to know that an audition was going on in Mumbai for Doordarshan TV Channel which was just in front of his hotel.
And he went to the audition.
He auditioned after standing in the audition line for 4 hours.

The director of the show Mr. Chandra Behal liked his audition very much and gave this boy a chance in his TV show in Doordarshan.

This is where his acting career started from channel Doordarshan.

Under the direction of the director Mr. Chandra Behal, he played Allahrakha {negetive} character in the show.

He got so praised for his acting skills that he got his second serial in that show only by the same director Chandra Behal.

With his acting skills, this boy worked in every big channel one after the other.

Tv Serial – “Mirza Sahiban” as Meer (Young negative)
Director- Chandra Behal
Tv Serial – Code Red, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat (negative)
Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap
Character name Megha (positive),
Tv Serial – Balika Vadhu
Character name Raghav (Positive),
Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 2
Character name Arun (Positive),
Serial in cameo roll :
•Pavitra Rishta
•Pavitra Bandhan
•Savdhan India
•MTV Webbed
•Ye Vada Raha
•Kumkum Bhagya
•Zindgai abhi baaki hai mere Gost
•Albeli kahani pyar ki
•Jamai Raja
•Mere Angne Me

And acted in many TV dramas.
and with TV Ad – stop intoxication, television ad-motu-patlu, Appeared on-screen in Nickelodeon.

But Luck has turned once again. He was having no godfather and he was making his own way in the industry.

By this time he was offered a film where he was supposed to play a villain {negetive} character in that movie. He signed that film immediately. but the hero of the film was insecure with his acting skills. so he did everything to take him out of the movie. He was shattered and was not knowing what to do.

Things got so bad that the boy was threatened with death. Even the threat was fine, but the people associated with that hero reached the house to threaten.

Due to this, this boy was very upset mentally. And was out of the industry for 2 years and didn’t contact anyone from the industry.
where the coronavirus pushed the whole world into lockdown at their homes.

No, one knew where this boy was, But they say that fire cannot be suppressed, it smolders slowly and then its flames grow faster.

In those 2 years, this boy kept asking himself if that am I deserving of this or if anyone that is outside of the industry cannot see big dreams and cannot even try to fulfill their dreams.

Do poor children have no right to dream?
Can’t a poor kid who came from a small place move ahead in life? If you have talent and courage, can anyone block your way just like that?

that Boy was working as a waiter in a big hotel, if luck gave him the position of an actor in Mayanagari, would he become anonymous like this?
Neither in all the struggle, this boy was fighting a battle with himself. And from here a real artist was born while searching for answers to his questions.

And from here the musical journey of this star started. The world found a hip-hop rap star. This guy is none other than a TV actor turned hip-hop rap star in the music industry “JAANEMAN”

Tarun Nayyar, who lives in the small village of Kullu Manali, Himachal, whom we all know by the name of Jaaneman.

Jaaneman debuted with the video song “3am” from VS Records. Next Music video from Zee Music Company after the hit of 3am.
“Bhang Da Kamaal” was released. The song became a hit as soon as it was released and after this song, another video album of Jaaneman’s “Adhure Sapne” was released.

During this time, Jaaneman was convinced that now he can work as an independent artist.

in the chit-chat with Jaaneman, we got to know that soon he will be launching his own music label where his new music video will be released.

jaaneman wants to give opportunities to needy, poor, and talented people.

He remains very reserved in social media and media appearances. And keep a distance from the media coming in front of them.

Soon you will be able to see Jaaneman in the next music video. We wish that the boy who has come forward with so much hard work may get more success in the times to come.

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