Honorary Triumph for Sunil Kumar Verma ‘Sonu’ in Lucknow: A Journalist’s Journey

Lucknow, August 20, 2023 – Sunil Kumar Verma, a name synonymous with impactful journalism, has achieved a significant milestone in his journey. The distinguished journalist, fondly known as ‘Sonu,’ was awarded an honorary doctorate by Mother Teresa University, further solidifying his legacy as a beacon of integrity and change in the world of media.

A Glimpse into Sonu’s Remarkable Journey

Born on July 25, 1992, in Sarfaraz Ganj Marhmat Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, Sunil Kumar Verma embarked on a path that would lead him to reshape the contours of journalism. With a strong foundation rooted in ethics and community values, Sonu’s upbringing laid the groundwork for his future achievements.

Journalism as a Catalyst for Change

Sonu’s tryst with journalism began as a quest to bring accurate and impactful information to the masses. Starting with a small news publication that reached households before dawn, he demonstrated a commitment to timely and credible reporting. His dedication to authenticity soon earned him recognition, opening doors to positions of greater responsibility within the field.

In 2018, Sonu’s journey took a transformative turn when he assumed the role of Editor-in-Chief at India24x7 Live TV. His visionary leadership transformed the channel into a trusted source of news, admired for its unbiased reporting and comprehensive coverage of societal issues.

From Reporting to Impact

Throughout his 12-year career in journalism, Sonu’s reporting has illuminated social inequalities, human rights violations, and the struggles of marginalized communities. His unrelenting pursuit of truth has ignited discussions that resulted in policy changes and heightened societal awareness. Beyond his role as a journalist, Sonu has actively engaged with nonprofit organizations, championing meaningful improvements in education, healthcare, and community development.

A Recognition of Excellence

Dr. Vijayanand Saraswati, Vice-Chancellor of Mother Teresa University, hailed Sonu’s commitment to journalistic excellence and his contributions to positive social change. The conferred honorary doctorate is a testament to Sonu’s extraordinary impact on journalism and society at large, a recognition of his ethical reporting and substantial contributions.

Sonu’s Vision for the Future

Upon receiving the honorary doctorate, Sonu expressed gratitude and shared his vision for the future. “This recognition reaffirms my commitment to delivering impactful journalism. I firmly believe in the power of media to shape perspectives and inspire positive actions,” he remarked.

A Legacy of Empowerment

Sunil Kumar Verma’s legacy extends beyond his role as a journalist. He has harnessed the power of media to equip individuals with knowledge and awareness, fostering a more informed and engaged society. His dedication to ethical reporting has earned him the public’s trust and established him as a respected figure in the industry.

The honorary doctorate awarded by Mother Teresa University underscores Sunil Kumar Verma ‘Sonu’ as a beacon of integrity and change in the world of media. His journey from the streets of Lucknow to academic acclaim is a testament to the transformative power of journalism and unwavering commitment to societal betterment.

As the sun sets on this chapter, it illuminates the path for others to follow in Sonu’s footsteps, making their mark through integrity, dedication, and journalism that drives change.

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