Gopi Review, Box Office Result, Hit Or Flop In Theaters?

Gopi movie is a Hindi film which was officially released in August 28, 1970. Its a remake of Kannada film Chinnada Gombe which released in 1964. The screen time of Gopi movie is around 2 hours 47 minutes.

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The story of this film revolves around Dilip Kumar aka Gopi, who is just another village person doing odd jobs. From the childhood only Gopi has been nurtured by his cousin big brother Om Prakash aka Girdharilal and his wife Nirupa Roy aka Parvati. Gopi has a young sister Farida Jalal aka Nandini. Girdharilal use to earn his bread and butter by making handmade sculptures of Hindu god. Girdharilal was a very noble person and works really hard to feed his family which includes mischievous Gopi. Girdharilal sells his sculptures to Pran aka Lala, who just give him 3-4 rupees maximum. One fine day, Gopi got to know that these sculptures made by his brother is being sold by Lala over 50 rupees in city market. Gopi don’t like Lala at all but still he remains silent due to his cousin brother Girdharilal. Now, twist in the story is, Girdharilal has saved money for years in Lala’s account and now he wants it back for the marriage of Nandini. Lala lies and says he don’t have any money of Girdharilal and he even kicks him out. This infuriates Gopi, who went on to take his brother’s money back from Lala’s house. Somehow, Gopi gets the money from the locker and runs away from the village due to the scare of being caught. Now, we see that Girdharilal reached to Lala’s house to stop Gopi for doing anything wrong against Lala. Well, there is too late till then, Gopi has already left the village and now Girdharilal and his wife Parvati has to pay the price. Even, we have a love angle in this film, Saira Banu aka Seema, who is one of the far away relative, get involved in love with Gopi. On the other hand, Lalita Pawar aka Leelavati, who is the guardian of Seema doesn’t want that she marry to Gopi in any possible way. Here comes the villain Lala, who likes Seema and wants to marry her at any cost. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

This film also stars Johnny Walker, Mukri, Durga Khote and many others.

Talking about the Gopi movie ratings, it holds 7 stars ratings out of 10 on IMDB website. An interesting trivia about this film is, Jubilee Kumar Rajendra Kumar has approached for the title role of Gopi but later the producer felt that Saira and Dilip Kumar combo will be best and the rest is history.

Bollywood Crazies Opinion: It was an amazing film in every possible way. Dilip Kumar and Om Prakash characters were so strong in this film that it seems that they are giving tough competition to each other in method acting. In one of the interviews, Dilip Kumar has officially revealed that in this film Om Prakash’s character has outdone him as an actor in few scenes. Actually, Girdharilal and Gopi characters will make you cry. Even, Lala did his best enough that will start hating him. All the characters in this movie have performed so well that you can easily relate with them. If anyone want to be an actor or learn acting, watch this film and you will learn a lot. Saira’s role as a simpleton woman has also performed really well here. Talking about the songs, Dukh Ke Sab Saathi was one of my all-time favourite along with Ramchandra Keh Gaye. The story is so rich and even better the performance, have made this film a cult classic. I am bowled out by the movie and its raw emotions. The makers of today should learn from this movie about how to evoke emotions from its story and characters.

Gopi movie has been directed by A Bhimsingh. It has been produced by TS Muthuswamy and SS Palaniappan. The music department has been handled by Kalyanji-Anandji. As per website, this film was a semi-hit at the box office when released in 1970. The budget of Gopi movie hasn’t been revealed but it could reportedly be below 1 crore. As per the data, Gopi movie has earned 1.4 crore in India and 2.8 crores worldwide.

Altogether, Gopi is one of the classic films of Bollywood and it’s a film that you can watch with your family. It’s a pure masala film with some great acting.

Last word: Watch it for the brilliant performances of Dilip Kumar and Om Prakash.

Bollywood Crazies Ratings: Gopi Movie Review- Brilliant (80 percent out of 100).

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