Gioconda Vessichelli opens her house doors for us: she is very emotionally linked to her piano

Gioconda Vessichelli invited us for a coffee (Italian espresso of course!) at her house and she played piano for us on her beautiful ancient piano sorrounded by precious antiquites and sophisticated furnitures of best Italian brands and the house is full of rare collections belonging to noble families of several centuries generations ago. Gioconda says : Music is my life and I m very emotionally linked to this piano. It has been my best companion during my childhood and it knows all the shades and colours of my soul.


I started playing piano when I was a child and I have grown with it. Everyday is a music celebration for me and music is like air for me,you can’t breath without air neither live!

-You once said in an earlier interview that everything happened when you were just 12 years old.”   can you tell me, actually what you meant?

I did my first concert and I got noticed by Luciano Pavarotti who was in the jury and taken on board of the biggest Italian opera talent agency who was representing Luciano Pavarotti (the biggest opera singer of the world and many other top opera singers) and that opened me the doors of a worldwide career in the biggest opera houses of the world.

-Tell me something about your reading habits? You are a popular, world famous singer, composer. How do you connect your singing passion with reading hobby.
I always read when I am in long flight journeys nowadays. During my childhood I used to read a lot because my mother was always accompanying toys gifts with a good book: culture in general and reading in my family was a very important aspect. In fact I have read about 500 books and even when I start the interpretation of an opera character I always read all the historical informations related to the character (for example if I am doing the role of Queen Elizabeth, I read as many as possible books regarding her, so that I can highlight all the aspects of her psychology and daily life that I have read in the books and then I create my own interpretation and vision about the character I am doing.

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