The Drama Company Is The Worst Comedy Show!

Krushna Abhishek starring The Drama Company show has started a month back on July 16, 2017. I was one of those unfortunate ones, who have patiently watched the whole episode. And I regret that till now. Right from the first episode, nothing is going good for the show, poor performances and low TRP has now become a major problem for the makers of the show.


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Well, as far as I know about comedy, this is not at all a comedy show. Why don’t the makers termed it as a torture show for the innocent audiences? No, I am not against any comedians or the crew members of The Drama Company. I just don’t understand, why the particular channel has a need to start a new show, which looks almost a carbon copy of The Kapil Sharma Show.

Till now, I do watch Comedy Circus on Youtube, on a repetitive basis, and the reason behind that is Krushna Abhishek and Sudesh Lehri. They are the most prolific comedy talent in India and when they come together, it’s no less than a magic. But in, The Drama Company show, they seem to fall apart. Their performance couldn’t make me laugh. I think it’s not about their comedy timing but the overall concept of the show. The makers must come up with something new or the audience will not watch this show anymore.

All I can seen in The Drama Company show is that everyone is trying their extra effort to make us laugh but still they fail to make anyone smile. If the show will continuously run in the same way that their will be surely a doomsday.
Altogether, The Drama Company makers must come up something new or this will consider another worst comedy show of all time.

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