Director Dinesh Soi throws grand party for the success of Snowfall attended by the leading pair Qaseem Haider Qaseem and Piyu Chouhan

Snowfall, directed by the talented Dinesh Soi, has crossed 1 million views on YouTube. It is a unique English song and a fresh attempt by the director’s team to deliver something new to Indian viewers. The song features the extremely talented Qaseem Haider Qaseem and the charming Piyu Chouhan. The song is sung by the melodious Utkarsha Saxena and the lyrics has been penned down by Team DS Creations.


Snowfall was released on Dec 25, 2022, the most suitable time for its release. It was released on the official channel of DS Creations Music. The song has crossed 1 million views within two weeks giving the team a reason to celebrate. The success of the song was celebrated by the director Dinesh Soi as he throws a grand party for the celebrations. The cast and crew of the song attended the party. The song has more milestones to reach as it’s a step towards more and more success.

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